University of Bangui



The University of Bangui is a the national public university located in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic.

Before independence in Oubangui-Chari from France (later to be called the Central African Republic), most students going on to higher education headed for universities in France. After gaining independence in 1958, the Central African Republic took part in the Foundation for Higher Education in Central Africa (FESAC). The FESAC encompassed several former French colonies, each with schools or institutes with a specific focus. Within the FESAC, the Central African Republic had the agricultural institute.

In 1969, to transition from FESAC to a national university system, the University of Bangui was created by government ordinance. The University of Bangui expanded the focus of study on agriculture to include scientific research, law, economics, rural development and liberal arts.

The university serves about 7,000 students and is (2015) in the process of recovering from the period of social and political instability that affected the country after 2013.

The current rector is Dr Gustave Bobossi.

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