Isolated universities and other institutions of higher education are at a greater risk to miss out on the ongoing stream of transformation and innovation affecting higher education. Pooling resources and expertise is no longer a luxury but a matter of survival for many institutions.

Created to assist institutions in emerging economies wishing to expand their course offering, leverage technology, and create international opportunities, the Euclid Consortium continues to offer valuable expert-level services to its members as well as to non-member institutions on a consultancy basis.

The Consortium offers the following services:

The Consortium offers low-cost and zero-cost Internet hosting on a reliable platform. In addition, the Consortium IT team will design, develop, roll out and maintain a professional web site of the institution. We currently recommend and use WordPress for most new implementation, which is combined with e-library and LMS solutions such as Moodle.

The Consortium has already developed fully documented curricula for many courses, which are made available to Consortium members. Euclid can also develop custom curricula for specific needs, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. For instance, Euclid was selected by the Ministry of Education of Eritrea and the European Commission to develop several programs in the field of Education and Pedagogy.

The Consortium helps its members review and select textbooks, of which one chapter can be used under fair use guidelines to compile proprietary textbooks which also include journal articles. Euclid also assists participating institutions with textbook printing and e-library services.

The Consortium was created as a joint degree mechanism to ensure regional and international utility for the participants. For instance, an institution located in Asia may wish to create a joint degree program with an institution located in Africa is the program would be of interest to students living on both continents.

Please contact the Secretariat for more information on consulting services and membership procedures.