Our Mission

The Euclid platform is used to develop extension programs for the member institutions and to create synergies in the area of internet technologies and faculty development.

The Consortium also organizes activities and projects for all the member institution with the overall objectives:

  • to promote sustainable education
  • to develop new academic programs and methods
  • to increase the international visibility of the member schools
  • to pool resources and talents
  • to coordinate relations with international bodies
  • to publish books, journals and other academic resources.

Our primary and historic mission is to develop distance learning programs that could rival with the world’s best campus-based universities at a truly affordable price to effectively meet the educational needs of the Global South.

And indeed, these programs have been well-received internationally and provided the academic foundation for EUCLID (Euclid University), which now delivers the programs to select beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Since 2011, our priority has been to provide academic and technical support as well as international synergy to the member universities.