How does the Euclid Consortium relate to the Euclid University Consortium and Euclid University?

The name of the consortium or association was at first “Pôle d’Extension Universitaire Euclide” in French. There were several possible translation in the English language: (1) Euclid University was convenient but it gave the appearance that it was itself a free-standing university which was not the case. (2) Eventually, Euclid University Consortium was adopted and became normative. In 2008, the Open Memorandum defining EUCLID as an intergovernmental university

Is the Consortium headquartered in Brussels or Banjul?

The Consortium retains its historical headquarters and affiliation at ULI/BE in Brussels, having closed it own executive office there after the completion of the EU funded LOT3 program.

Does the Consortium issue degrees in its own name?

No. Since 2008, the Consortium does not issue joint degrees at all, as this is done directly by EUCLID or the universities. Prior to 2008, the Consortium had a joint degree format that was used for select graduates.