Euclid Consortium / EUCLID listed in Top 50 Global Health Programs

EUCLID is pleased to announce its inclusion, with the Euclid Consortium as one entry, in the list of the Top 50 global health programs (institutions and schools of global health, Appendix A1) which is part of a recently Springer textbook publication entitled: Global Population Health and Well- Being in the 21st Century: Toward New Paradigms, Policy, […]

Understanding the Structure and Pedagogy of EUCLID courses

This post is written to assist incoming EUCLID students, and applicants as well, understand how a degree program is structured. This article focuses on individual courses, not entire programs. The idea is that a degree program is a chain or sequence of courses (modules) which we call the Roadmap. Every course is structured in the […]

Focus on Euclid ACA-401: (Writing International Academic Papers)

ACA-401 is a fundamental starting in all Euclid-developed curricula (i.e. all Euclid University programs) because its purpose it to level the playing field. After all, not all incoming students have English as their native language, and many have not formally studied the ‘science’ and ‘art’ of academic paper writing, especially in an academic context. For […]

The Rising Cost of Higher Education: A Supply & Demand Analysis

Helen Li from NYU has written published an interesting thesis (Bachelor’s level) on The Rising Cost of Higher Education in the USA. This is also an example of a fine academic paper at the undergraduate level. [dt_button size=”link” animation=”none” icon=”” icon_align=”left” color=”” link=”” target_blank=”true”]BUTTON[/dt_button]

Will MOOCs Massively Disrupt Higher Education?

Even as they grow in popularity, massive open online courses prompt debates about their impact on students, business model and role in the future of education. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have often been described as “revolutionizing” or “disrupting” traditional higher education during the past couple of years as interest in their potential has surged. […]